Social Prescribing and the Potential of Historic England's Local Delivery

Social prescribing continues to gain increasing prominence and importance in policy and practice. SQW has been commissioned by Historic England to undertake a study to explore Historic England's work relating to wellbeing outcomes, and to identify potential social prescribing opportunities.

The study builds on Historic England's assessment of the historic environment and wellbeing, and will provide:

  • Recommendations on whether and how social prescribing might be developed in line with the work of Historic England in regional-based activities and proposed delivery models
  • Advice on what changes could be made – nationally and locally – to enable this to be achieved
  • Insight into best practice for social prescribing partnerships and strategic connections with the social prescribing agenda.

The study will have an in-depth focus on one region, and will involve a document and evidence review, fieldwork with national and regional stakeholders, participants and leads, and the development of case studies highlighting good practice and generating learning. The findings are expected to inform how Historic England engages with social prescribing opportunities in the future, with the final report to be produced in summer 2020.

For further details about the study, please contact Lauren Roberts, SQW Director, via For further details about Historic England's work, please contact Linda Monckton, Historic England's Head of Wellbeing and Inclusion Strategy.