Evaluation of Start-Up Loans Programme

Client: British Business Bank

In 2016, the British Business Bank commissioned SQW to undertake a three year longitudinal evaluation of the Start-Up Loans Programme. The Programme, established in 2012, aims to encourage entrepreneurship in the UK, increase the rate of business creation and improve survival prospects.

The primary aims of the evaluation were to assess the impact of the programme on its core objectives (of business creation, survival and growth, and the achievement of personal development outcomes of individuals) and the value for money of the programme. The study also examined the evidence on the distribution of benefits from the programme. Using a quasi-experimental approach, the evaluation compared the outcomes of a sample of programme beneficiaries to a comparison group of non-beneficiaries.

The Evaluation of Start Up Loans Year 1 (2016), Year 2 (2017) and Final (2018) reports are available to read from the British Business Bank.