Homes England: Housing and health rapid evidence review

Homes England are seeking to widen the scope of their value for money assessment when appraising housing interventions. This includes physical and mental health outcomes. There is a wealth of evidence which indicates the link between poor quality (existing) housing and poor health outcomes. However, there is relatively little understanding of the relationship between new housing accessibility (through housing design features and interventions) and health benefits.

Homes England commissioned SQW, supported by the King’s Fund Library Service, to undertake a rapid evidence scoping review to understand the impact of housing accessibility on generating positive health outcomes, specifically for older people, for whom housing accessibility is increasingly important in light of the ageing population in England. Specifically, the review focused on new housing design and interventions used in new housing projects and developments.

The study explored a broad evidence base which considered housing design features and interventions at three overarching levels: community or development, building/dwelling design and internal design features/adaptations.

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